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Survey Marking Paint

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Aervoe created a superior upside-down marking paint designed for survey marking. Mark will last up to 6 months. 

Striping Paint

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Aervoe brand Solvent-based formula designed to adhere to a variety of surfaces, especially asphalt and concrete.

-Fast drying – 5 minutes to touch

-Durable, long-lasting stripe

-High-visibility colors

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Marking Chalk


Aervoe created a special blend of materials, safe for use on all surfaces in an upside-down marking can. Temporary mark lasts 10-20 days.

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Paint Pens


Aervoe industrial paint pens come in 4 colors. Glossy and highly visible mark. Fast drying with a medium point fiber tip. 

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Aervoe Marking Stick

A hand held, inverted marking paint applicator. 14' long.


Vers-A-Striper Pavement marking machine

Aervoe heavy duty, yet light weight, applicator for striping and 'lining' asphalt and concrete parking surfaces.


Aervoe Striping Stick

Designed for inverted striping paint with T-shaped tip. ​Allows single-hand operation. Produces 2-inch wide spray pattern. Length: 34 inches


Lute Rake

The asphalt levelutes eliminates waves, ridges, and rock pockets; leaving any surface free of hollows, humps, and other marks of unevenness



Pre-blended mixture of sand, coarse aggregate, and cementitious materials. Ideal for new construction or repairs where concrete thickness exceeds 2 inches.

Available in 80 lb bags

Ram Jamb Protectors

ram jamb.jpg

Ram Board Door Jamb Protection is heavy-duty, flexible, and re-usable. 

Available in  60″ lengths and fits 4″ – 9″ door jambs.

Hilti HY-500



Ultimate-performance inject-able epoxy mortar with approvals for rebar connections and heavy-duty anchoring

Manual Hilti Dispenser



Manual dispenser HDM 500

Battery Hilti Dispenser


Battery-powered hybrid/epoxy adhesive anchor dispenser. 22V battery. 


Hilti HY-200



Ultimate-performance injectable hybrid mortar with approvals for rebar connections and heavy-duty anchoring.

Stake Chasers

stake chasers.jpg


Designed to provide maximum visibility and withstand multiple passes of a grader blade. Ideal for marking buried utility lines, survey points, and even athletic fields.


Bollard Covers


Encore Protective sleeve that fits easily and securely over posts. It saves time and costs by eliminating constant scraping and repainting of bollard posts. Available in a variety of colors. 



White UV stabilized 14x26 sandbags are perfect for traffic control sign weights, emergency services, and erosion control.

Available in 50 lb bags

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Flex-O-Line TM Temp Tape

Pavement tapes readily conform to an infinite variety of pavement surfaces. This product has the visibility of more than twice that of temporary paint. The temp tape adhesive  eliminates stray tape, minimizing replacement costs and limiting liability.

Caution/Danger Tape

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