Concrete Accessories

Vapor Barrier


Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier is used as a below-slab vapor barrier. 

Available in 10 mil, 15 mil

20 mil available by special order

Stego Tape


Stego Tape is a low-premeance tape designed for protective sealing, hanging, seaming, splicing, and patching applications

Stego Mastic


Stego Mastic is a liquid-applied vapor retardant membrane

Diamond Dowel


Diamond Dowel System achieves superior joint stability measurements  and delivers reliable, maintenance-free and serviceable concrete flatwork.

Available size 1/4"

Clean Strip


Dayton Clean Strip J1A is a V.O.C. compliant, ready-to-use,petroleum based, chemically reactive concrete form release.

Size: 5 Gallon

Clear Cure


Dayton Clear Cure VOC J7WB is a VOC compliant, waterbased clear resin dissipating curing compound.

Size: 5 Gallon

Cure & Seal


Dayton Cure & Seal 309 J18 is a water based acrylic copolymerthat offers curing, sealing anddustproofing for freshly finished concrete surfaces.     Size: 5 Gallon

Advantage Grout


Dayton 1107 Advantage Grout is a non-shrink, nonmetallic,non-corrosive grout designed to provide a controlled, positive expansion to ensure an excellent bearing area.

Size: 50 Pound Bag

Steel Snap Ties


Dayton Stainless Steel Snap Ties are available for applications that require ties resistant to rusting or other similar corrosion.



Rain-resistant technology keeps wet weather from impacting your pour.


Sizes: 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 24", 30", 36" and 48".


Steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to strengthen and aid the concrete under tension.

Rebar Caps


Patented design OSHA rebar caps. Self-centering and the form steel inserts cover perpendicular to rebar.

Wood Chamfer


Chamfer strips help create a chamfered edge at the concrete corners.

DOW Foam Insulation


Styrofoam insulation products offer high moisture resistance. Plastic film on both sides. 

Expansion Joint


Fiber expansion joint is composed of cellular fibers securely bonded together and uniformly saturated with asphalt to assure longevity.

Duplex and Sinker Nails

These diamond point nails feature a smooth shank and double head design for easy nail removal. Special double head facilitates easy drawing in the dismantling of scaffolding, stage frame work and other temporary construction. 8D & 16D available. 

Shim Packs


Vers A Trim multi packs are 1-1/16" and each pack consists of (1) 1/16", (2) 1/8", (3) 1/4" shims rubber banded together for easy height adjustment. They are 4" wide and 6" in length.

Reinforced Visqueen


Polyethylene construction film is High-strength clear film designed for use with tough jobs. 

Fire retardant available by special order



Heavy- Duty Polyethylene. Commonly used as a vapor barrier. Comes in Black, Clear and White. 

Concrete Blankets


A winter enclosure tarpaulin used in cold weather areas during general construction and industrial maintenance to cure concrete.

Available in 6'x25' and 12'x25'

Void Cap


Closed-cell polypropylene foam that can be used in residential, commercial, civil, municipal, and industrial applications. Does not absorb water, swell or disintegrate. Reduces amount of incompressible materials entering the joint.

Ram Board


Ram Board is a top provider of temporary floor protection products for contractors. Proper floor protection during construction reduces potential damage to new or existing floors.



Ideal to protect surfaces from construction site damages and spills on large commercial projects. Consists of 2 layers.

Available in medium traffic and heavy traffic.

UPM Products


Permanent repair material is high-performance cold mix asphalt repair material that can be used by municipalities , contractors, and homeowners to fill potholes year round.

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